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Soft Sugar Cookies

Soft Sugar Cookies


  1. Two-third cup of shortening
  2. One cup of sugar
  3. Two eggs
  4. One-third can of milk
  5. One teaspoon of vanilla
  6. Three cups of ordinary flour
  7. Two tablespoons of baking powder
  8. One teaspoon of salt
  9. Cream cheese ( 8 oz, softened) – for frosting
  10. Quarter cup of butter – for frosting
  11. One teaspoon of vanilla – for frosting
  12. One pound of sugar (powdered)


Before you start to make your oven heat at 350°. Mix sugar and shortening together and mix an egg with vanilla and milk with it. Take a different bowl and mix flour with baking powder, put salt. Now add all dry ingredients into moist ingredients and mix well until you can form a dough. Now spread some dry flour on a surface and roll the balls on it and get the balls smeared with flour all over. Make the layer of dry flour around half inch thick. Now cut the dough in cookie shape with a cutter. Put the cookies on cookie sheet and bake in the oven for around twenty minutes. Make sure they are not oven done.

Now mix cheese with butter, vanilla; add powdered sugar as you desire and sprinkle over the cookies when cooled.

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