Privacy Policy


You need to provide some types of information regarding yourself as Meredith as well as our services require:

  • the type of information you agree to share with us while receiving our services, also about your computer and device that you use to access our service. You need to provide your location as well.
  • our services require necessary information about your browsing activities and interaction with the content, messages through e-mail as well as advertising. Our cookies collect some information automatically as you receive our service. Tacking technologies like beacons and other such system track and collect some of your information automatically.
  • information about your computer or device location. We may need to collect or let the authorized service provider(s) to collect this information that may include when you directly interact with your mobile device or overtime uses during the application not in use, rather running in the background.
  • information about our customer, that is you, also about your homestead that can be obtained from any source as law permits.


We as well as our service providers/provider partner collect and use your information for a variety of purposes which include:

  • customizing the content of the page or the advertisements to be seen through our services and other services as well as marketing channels and consider you as our already-existing visitor.
  • providing you with the service you requested and improve the quality of these services.
  • your consent that we may offer you about our various services that we consider worthy of value to you.
  • conduction of research and analysis on market and audience.
  • seeking authentication and therefore secure our websites.
  • any purpose as described during collection of information or as you consented.


We may need to use the information you provided about yourself in a secure way that does not allow identifying you personally. As otherwise the Privacy Policy of us, you consent that we are allowed to share other related information in various ways as needed that include:

  • we use these pieces of when you give consent
  • we use these pieces off with other partners co-sponsoring our promotions as offered or any tool/ feature as we provide services
  • we use these pieces of information within any of our circumference of our sites as well as services and other concerning business
  • we use these pieces of information with service providers, choose advertisers/companies that are involved in reaching you with the advertisement shown to you
  • we use these pieces of information to protect or defend our rights or the users.
  • we use these pieces of information with other if our website/service is handed over/ sold to other company.
  • we use these pieces of information as required by law or find it appropriate to use or respond requested by public authorities.


  • You are free to update or change your contact information using “My Account” as available on most of your websites, also you can e-mail the update to
  • you can stop receiving e-mails of commercial value from us using UNSUBSCRIBE option
  • you can delete your username and mailing address from our list or also can rent to any third party for direct marketing using our opt-out form
  • you can customize our use of your website viewing data that we use to serve you with your interest-based advertising or other sites and newsletters provided to your e-mails. Also, you can do the same from Ad Choices option (icon) below; use links (that a third party network uses) to customize your interest-based advertising.
  • you can customize (or stop collecting) exact information of your location that you previously authorized through privacy setting option from any computer or mobile device.
  • from the mobile app, you can customize or stop by resetting advertising identifier or prevent the collection of related information as used for your interest-based advertisement. (The iOS on Apple device, Windows on Microsoft device, Android on Android device have their own instruction regarding this.)
  • you can also customize cross-app data collection by various companies that participate in DAA (Digital Advert. Alliance) from your mobile device through the installation of AppChoisces. Click here to download.

NOTE: We consider only 18+ age group as clients.


  • Meredith vows to work the respected clients/ customers in a fair way as a privacy concern.
  • We follow commercially reasonable and customer-friendly procedure to make the information most secure.
  • Please view our privacy policy for full information about our clients’ privacy policy.
  • Also, you can send us e-mail for any of your query at


  • For detailed privacy policy click here.
  • To customize tracking technologies (for interest-based advertising) click here and follow instructions.
  • To customize location tracking click here.
  • To customize e-mail promotions from third-party, click here.
  • To update your information with us, click here.