1. You may either choose herb and garlic dressing or ranch dressing of Avocado Lime
  2. Need 9 cups of medium chopped lettuce / green leaf
  3. A larger red pepper
  4. One large poblano /green bell pepper
  5. One frozen corn seethed and cooled
  6. Medium size tomatoes (6 tomatoes), five as chopped and one as sliced for decoration
  7. Medium size onion – 1, sliced and should not be coarse
  8. Two and a half cup of cheddar cheese, shredded
  9. Half pound of cooked bacon (pig meat) and later crumbled
  10. Four cups of roasted chicken, chopped
  11. Three green onions, sliced
  12. Two large size eggs (high boiled)


Take a large glass bowl and place each item one by one – first one-third lettuce, onto it half poblano pepper, then half tomatoes and half red onion. Then one cup of cheese, one-third of chicken + bacon. Spread the dressing of half cup.

Now repeat the same again for the second time.

At last spread the rest lettuce, cheese, bacon/chicken and sliced onions on the top. Again sprinkle a half cup of dressing rounding every side. Now put egg and tomato slices on the top to give it a nice look.

Preserve the combination in a refrigerator for around four hours. You may use other additional dressing while serving.


You may use Hidden Valley Buttermilk Ranch or homemade salad dressing according to your desire.

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