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  1. Frozen / fresh blueberries of four cups
  2. Sugar of half cups
  3. Cake mix of yellow color of one box
  4. One and a half amounting third fourth cups of butter
  5. Beaten cream / ice-cream (vanilla type)


Blueberries sometimes are not enough sweet. So you need to add a bit more sugar. You can use strawberries/ raspberries as well instead of frozen blackberries or can use the mixture of all.


  1. Make you oven heat at 350° before you start.
  2. Put blackberries and sugar together in a dish and mix well with sugar.
  3. Now spread cake mix evenly on it.
  4. Cut butter into slices and spread over.

Place the dish in oven and allow around an hour for a proper bake. Wait until the cake take brown color and butter is melted and get mixed

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