Lemon Lush


  1. One cup of ordinary flour
  2. Half cup of butter
  3. Half cup of chopped pecans
  4. Cream cheese (8 ounces)
  5. One cup of sugar (powdered)
  6. One box (3 ounces) of pudding mix (lemon type)
  7. Half cup of sugar
  8. Quarter cup of water
  9. Two yolks of egg


Mix pecans, flour and butter together and put into a baking pan. Bake for twenty minutes at 400° temperature until the mixture is brown. Now mix powdered sugar and cream cheese with one cup of whipped topping and spread evenly on the layer when the layer is still hot. Now mix lemon pudding with sugar using a quarter cup of water and put the yolks into it and beat well. Use a medium saucepan for this. Continuously stir in two cups of water (may use a whisk) and cook in medium temperature until the mixture boils wholly.

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