Fire Crackers


  1. One pound of normal saltine crackers
  2. One cup of canola oil
  3. Ranch mixture for dressing of one pack / one ounce
  4. Ground dry red chilly flakes of two tablespoons
  5. Dry garlic powder of half teaspoon


Take an air-proof container (a pot with an air-tight lid) and place the crackers in lines. In a different pot mix, all other ingredients together (pepper, garlic powder, dressing mix and oil) till all are mixed well. You need to continue stirring so that peppers do not get stuck at the bottom. Now pour this mixture over the crackers evenly. Close the pot tightly with its lid, flip it 4/5 minutes for 15 to 20 minutes. Now shake the pot front and back to get the crackers well-coated. Finally, store in a bag of ziplock type and preserve as long as it lasts.

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