Crusty Italian Bread

Crusty Italian Bread

Ingredients for two loaves:

  1. One and one-third cup of warm water
  2. Two and a quarter teaspoon of yeast
  3. One and a half teaspoon of salt
  4. One and a half teaspoon of olive oil
  5. Four cups of ordinary four


Take the water (warm) in a bowl and dissolve brown sugar into it. Continue stirring for a few minutes until foamy, put olive oil, salt. Now start pouring flour and continue mixing until flour dough comes to higher than the bowl. Cover the dough until it heaves to almost double. It may take around half an hour. Now divide the dough into two halves to form loaves. This time cover with a wet cloth and let it be double again.

Now heat your oven at 350°.

Now beat one egg in one tablespoon of water. Smear the loaves with beaten eggs on both the sides. Cut the loaves from the center with a knife. Now place one cup of hot (almost boiled) water in a pan and place it underneath the bread so that steam and heat from the water reach the bread. Add water in the pan when reduced. Bake the loaves this way for around 30 minutes until they are brown. Now move from there and let it cool down. Just enjoy!

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